Senior Rides and More

Our Services

My thanks to VIC for helping me by sending volunteers to work in my flower beds. One person who went beyond it in her willingness to help is Deanna. What a fine lady!! Thank you!
Lynn S.

Services Offered:

Senior Rides and More provides free one-on-one assistance to the frail and elderly in southwest Houston through a network of volunteers who provide services including:

  • Transportation to visit doctors and clinics, pick up prescriptions, go shopping, attend religious services, or run errands
  • Minor household repairs and home management
  • Minor garden and yard work
  • Assistance with paperwork and computers
  • Telephone reassurance
  • Companionship visits

How Our Service Helps:

  • During 2015, Senior Rides and More volunteers drove over 27,759 miles and contributed more than 3,952 hours to help the frail and elderly remain independent
  • We are the only agency of this kind to offer free transportation in both Southwest Houston and Northwest Houston
  • Over 75% of our care receivers are both handicapped and elderly, making transportation assistance vital
  • With Senior Rides and More's assistance, seniors can remain a part of the larger community, taking part in everyday activities such as shopping and attending church services