Senior Rides and More

Our Services

Having a VIC volunteer get me to my medical appointment is a big stress off me. Peter got me there ahead of time and is always reliable.
Jonathan W.

Services Offered:

Senior Rides and More provides free one-on-one assistance to the frail and elderly in southwest Houston through a network of volunteers who provide services including:

  • Transportation to visit doctors and clinics, pick up prescriptions, go shopping, attend religious services, or run errands
  • Minor household repairs and home management
  • Minor garden and yard work
  • Assistance with paperwork and computers
  • Telephone reassurance
  • Companionship visits

How Our Service Helps:

  • During 2015, Senior Rides and More volunteers drove over 27,759 miles and contributed more than 3,952 hours to help the frail and elderly remain independent
  • We are the only agency of this kind to offer free transportation in both Southwest Houston and Northwest Houston
  • Over 75% of our care receivers are both handicapped and elderly, making transportation assistance vital
  • With Senior Rides and More's assistance, seniors can remain a part of the larger community, taking part in everyday activities such as shopping and attending church services