Senior Rides and More


Senior Rides and More volunteers use their own cars and gas to take care receivers to doctors or clinics, to go grocery shopping or to food banks, to pick up prescriptions or to accomplish other transportation-dependent errands.  Our volunteers are hands-on and stay with the Care Receiver during the appointment.  This creates the opportunity for companionship and availability for assistance if any is needed.

All volunteers must carry their own personal automobile liability insurance, however Senior Rides and More provides supplemental secondary insurance for volunteer drivers.

Senior Rides and More uses taxicabs to augment the wonderful services provided by our volunteers in special circumstances such as for appointments lasting several hours (for example, a dialysis treatment) or for very lengthy trips (for example, from Ft. Bend County to the Houston V. A. Hospital).  This taxicab service is funded by grants that Senior Rides and More must apply for each year.   This program has been a huge benefit to our care receivers during summer months when many of our volunteers are on vacation.   While volunteers are the life-blood of this organization, we are fortunate to have the option of providing the service of a taxicab for those appointments that are a little more difficult to fill.

Senior Rides and More has a small fund available to help volunteers pay for their gasoline in the form of a monthly stipend.  This stipend is available at the request of the volunteer who has given generously of his or her time driving care receivers to and from appointments.

The National Center on Senior Transportation concluded that “transportation is critical to ensuring that older adults maintain their independence and mobility and remain connected to their communities.”